Kristina Donello is a Philadelphia & Brooklyn based Yoga Instructor, Movement Educator, and Dance Teaching Artist. She studied dance from a young age but first discovered yoga as a teenager. This practice built upon her technical understanding of anatomy and expanded her kinesthetic awareness by connecting body with mind and spirit. Kristina received her yoga teacher training from Seven Centers in Sedona, Arizona, where she also started exploring the holistic science of Ayurveda. Additionally, she holds a BFA from the S.U.N.Y Purchase Conservatory of Dance and has worked as a Physical Therapist Aide for NY Bone and Joint Specialists. Kristina is a certified PT under the American Council on Exercise and currently finishing a certification in Corrective Exercise as part of The Bio Mechanics Method. Kristina is certified with the American Red Cross for CPR/AED and first aid.  

Dabbling into the sister science of yoga, her studies in Ayurveda and herbal medicine continue to inform her work. Kristina has worked for Ayurvedic pioneer, Dr. Pratima Raichur,, and received her level one herbalist certification at S.V. Apothecary in Brooklyn, under master herbalist, Karen Rose.

Kristina believes varied types of movement and training are essential, even if she sometimes identifies as a yogi and dancer. I believe all bodies should aim to be strong, resilient, stable, and mobile. I offer a cross training mind set because it is a great way to learn about the body from new perspectives. I love the idea that I can still practice the mindfulness of yoga while lifting weights or pulling on a band.

Kristina also offers yoga and creative movement classes for kids too! For more information, head over to Open house Brooklyn for workshop involving art, movement, and more.



Yoga & Mind body movement is performed with a meditative, proprioceptive and sensory awareness component that can at times be physical with a inward mental focus and special attention to breath, proprioception and kinesthetic awareness.
Many clients find these attributes beneficial on managing specific heath concerns including stress related disorders, deterioration of musculoskeletal health, decreased balance, hypertension, depression, pain management, and decreased self confidence.

Sessions will include an array of:

Mind Body - Functional Movement, Resistance Training & Corrective exercise.

These sessions offer specialized programs to meet individual needs. The overall goals are enhancing movement function for daily living, developing good movement patterns to avoid injury, improve poor movement mechanics and posture, enhance metabolic function, cardiorespiratory fitness, bolster heart health, endurance, and build strength in the body.


The beginning sessions will include a focus on improving function and health by correcting imbalances. We will work to improve joint stability and mobility, range of motion, and static and dynamic balance. Every client will learn the core of human movement by understanding the basics of core stabilization, control of center of gravity, and velocity of movement.  Movement screens will be included to assess posture, balance, range of motion, and torso muscular endurance. This will help each client have a better understanding of postural stability without compromising mobility. Depending on each client's specific goals, proper movement patterns will be introduced along with building an aerobic base to improve the parameters of cardiorespiratory health. The next phase will include a progression to resistance-load training methodologies and the development of anaerobic endurance.

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